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Here are some reviews we have received:

"Founding Fathers, Uncommon Heroes is a fascinating look at the lives of six of the Founding Fathers of our nation. It is filled with antedotes and stories not often told, and gives readers a glimpse of what truly made these men uncommon heroes. This book brings to light the physical, spiritual and philosophical chariacteristics that propelled these men to greatness. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about some very uncommon heroes whose courage, convictions and fortitude shaped the fabric of our nation and established the greatest democracy on earth."
- Orrin G. Hatch, U.S. Senator

"I'm not sure why, but I suddenly started getting tears in my eyes while reading this book. It's not any particular story, but I think a feeling in general of knowing these men just a little bit better. I have never read a history book like this about the Founding Fathers - one with such personal stories and conversations. They are becoming real men to me instead of the mythical heroes they usually seem to be."
- Jennifer Green, Portland Oregon

"I started reading this book and could not put it down - The first chapter completely captured me"
- Juli Woodall, Mesa Arizona

"What a wonderful book! It is clear to me now why our country has always been and remains such a great nation. This book has opened my eyes on such a personal level to the amazing men who founded this country. They were men of character and integrity. As I read page after page, I felt that I was not only learning "about" these great individuals, but that I was getting to know them. Steven W. Allen succeeds in bringing them to life by relating many personal stories from their lives that I've never read in any other historical work about the Founding Fathers. I loved it!"
- Tricia Graves, Houston, Texas

Founding Fathers - Uncommon Heroes

"From cover to cover, this book thrilled me. From sea to shining sea, as I see our stars and stripes wave over this land, choice above all other lands, I give gratitude. As I read each account of our Founding Fathers, I became better acquainted with greatness and goodness and so appreciative of our uncommon heroes who pledged their lives and their sacred honor to our freedom and liberty.

It was exciting to read the appendix that refuted the base rumors that are so prevalent in the world today to discount the moral integrity of these men. These were written to get gain and arouse media attention. I appreciate Mr. Allen's research and insights.

This is an uncommon history of uncommon heroes fighting on the battleground of freedom, who, wearing the armor of God and bearing the shield of faith, win the victory. May we honor their lives, their names, and the liberty for which they stand."
- Marilyn Adams, Salt Lake City, Utah

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