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"I wonder if future generations will ever know what we have suffered on their behalf."
- Abigail Adams (wife of the second President of the United States)

In Founding Fathers - Uncommon Heroes, respected author Steven W. Allen gloriously brings to life the American Revolutionary heroes: from visionary attorney John Adams to sage philosopher and inventor Ben Franklin; from idealistic author, statesman and architect Thomas Jefferson to the Father of Our Country, the gallant General George Washington; and from inspiring speaker and lawyer Patrick Henry to the persistent and studious Father of the Constitution, James Madison. Steve Allen's most stirring achievement, Founding Fathers - Uncommon Heroes, reveals how philosophers became heroes, how ideas became their weapons, and how a scattered group of weak colonies became the United States of America through the lives and actions of these most uncommon heroes.

"I'm not sure why, but I suddenly started getting tears in my eyes while reading this book. It's not any particular story, but I think a feeling in general of knowing these men just a little bit better. I have never read a history book like this about the Founding Fathers - one with such personal stories and conversations. They are becoming real men to me instead of the mythical heroes they usually seem to be."
- Jennifer Green, Portland Oregon

Founding Fathers - Uncommon Heroes
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