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Meet Steven W. Allen

At the age of 21, having been overseas for two years, Steven W. Allen returned home to the United States. What a wonderful feeling to return to America! It was then Steve began to feel an overwhelming sense of patriotism.

Now Steve inspires thousands of people by sharing stories from the lives of the founding fathers at universities and numerous civic and church groups. During the 14 years of these presentations, many attendees asked Steve where certain stories could be found. They requested he put these inspiring stories into a book to create one source of information.

And so Steve’s book was born. His interest in the creation of The United States of America finally led him to write the popular book “Founding Fathers – Uncommon Heroes.” In his book, Steve gloriously brings to life the heroes of the American Revolution. You’ll be captivated by anecdotes from the lives of six men who exercised their abilities to secure liberty. Senator Orrin G. Hatch was so fascinated by Steve’s description of the lives of these Founding Fathers that he happily agreed to write a foreword to Steve’s book.

An Estate Planning Attorney by profession, Steve lives in Mesa, Arizona with his wife, where his patriotism has not dimmed. His clients comment on the “patriotic art exhibit” in the law office, where paintings and prints of the Founding Fathers and beginning America adorn the walls. His office also heralds a statue replica of George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson.

Steve received his Juris Doctor degree from Arizona State University college of law. He is a member of the State Bar of Arizona, The National Lawyers Association, The National Association of Elder Law Attorneys, and the National Speakers Association. Let him inspire your group with amazing stories and anecdotes from some of the founders of this great country, who pledged their life, liberty, and sacred honor for the noblest cause on earth . . . freedom.

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