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.Founding Fathers -- Uncommon Heroes

Patriotic Salutes Ezine November 2003.


Patriotic Salutes

Vol. 1 Issue 6

November 2003


in this issue

-- Patriotic Holidays for November
-- Steven W. Allen Presented with Flag
-- Trivia Question for November:
-- Trivia Question Answer:
-- Please VOTE on November 4th
-- New Quote Book Now Available
-- Founding Fathers--Uncommon Heroes
-- Secrets of Wealth Preservation Newsletter coming January 2004


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Patriotic Salutes -- Quips and Quotes about our Founding Fathers.

Published by Steven W. Allen, JD;
copyright 2003 Legal Awareness Series, Inc.

Patriotic Holidays for November


November 4 -- Election Day; First Lady Laura Bush's Birthday
November 11 -- Veteran's Day
November 26 -- What Do You Love About America Day
November 27 -- Thanksgiving Day


Steven W. Allen Presented with Flag


On October 25, Steven W. Allen was presented the American flag that flew over the U.S. Capitol Building on July 4, 2003 by Representative Jeff Flake. He was awarded the flag for his patriotic service.

Steven's book "Founding Fathers -- Uncommon Heroes" was published and released to the public on July 4, 2003.

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Trivia Question for November:


Which U S President won his election by only one vote?

Trivia Question Answer:


John Quincy Adams won his election to the Presidency by only one vote.

Here is the rest of the story:

Since the popular vote had been evenly divided, the election had been thrown to the House of Representatives for a decision. The House had also been evenly divided on the issue, until one final vote had been taken. The Congressman from New York, in an attitude of prayer, had picked up a crumpled ballot and determined to vote for the name he found there. The name on the crumpled, discarded ballot had been esteemed a token and answer to prayer by the Congressmen. And that is how John Quincy Adams became the sixth president of the United States. [Steven W. Allen, "Founding Fathers -- Uncommon Heroes" p.296]

Please VOTE on November 4th


It is so important to study the issues and then get to the polls and vote. Did you know that it is not uncommon to see less than one-fourth of the registered voters showing up for the primary elections? Less than half show up for general elections.

Thomas Jefferson wrote a letter to the Mayor of Washington D.C., turning down an invitation to speak at the 50th Anniversary of the Declaration of Independence which he drafted. In his letter he wrote: "The form [of government] which we have substituted restore the free right to the unbounded exercise of reason and freedom of opinion."

We exercise our reason and opinion with our vote. Our Constitution begins "We the People..." The people, you and I, are in control. But we must express our opinion and reason. We do this with our vote.

Noah Webster, in writing about the Constitution in 1787, proclaimed: "The powers vested in Congress are little more than nominal; nay, real power cannot be vested in them, nor in any body, but the people."

Let's all vote on November 4th. We CAN make a difference.

New Quote Book Now Available


Enjoy the wisdom from Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, John Adams, Patrick Henry, and Thomas Paine.

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Founding Fathers--Uncommon Heroes


Steve's award-winning book, "Founding Fathers -- Uncommon Heroes" is a favorite. He has been overwhelmed by comments about how his book has touched lives. Others have said, "This book will sit next to my desk as one of the best resources about the Founding Fathers."

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