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.Founding Fathers -- Uncommon Heroes

Patriotic Salutes Ezine August 2003.


Patriotic Salutes Newsletter

Vol. 1 Issue 3

August 2003


In this Issue

-- Patriotic Holidays Of the Month

-- August's Trivia Question

-- Answer August's Trivia Question

-- What do I do during the national anthem?

-- Congratulations


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Patriotic Salutes -- Quips and Quotes about our Founding Fathers. Published by Steven W. Allen, JD;; copyright 2003 Legal Awareness Series, Inc.

Patriotic Holidays Of the Month


August 1 - Francis Scott Key's Birthday (Writer of the US National Anthem) August 2 - Ice Cream Sandwich Day; Signing of the Declaration of Independence August 31 - National Waffle Week

August's Trivia Question


Who brought waffles, ice cream and macaroni (pasta) to the United States?

Answer August's Trivia Question


Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson was the first President to preside in the new Capital at Washington, D.C. As he promised his wife, Jefferson never remarried and so was a widower in the White House. He invited Dolley Madison, the wife of James Madison, to become a hostess on many social occasions. The White House became famous for entertaining. Nearly every day Jefferson invited ten or twelve guests to an informal dinner, with Dolley Madison or his daughter Martha acting as the hostess. The President's table became famous for fascinating conversation and extraordinary menus. It was at these meals that such European treats as macaroni, waffles, and ice cream were introduced. (Excerpt taken from the book "Founding Fathers - Uncommon Heroes" by Steven W. Allen;

What do I do during the national anthem?


During the national anthem ("The Star Spangled Banner") anyone not wearing a military uniform should place his or her right hand over the left breast where the heart is and hold it there until the last note.

A man who is wearing a hat should take it off with his right hand, and hold it while he places his hand over his heart. The hat should be at his left shoulder. People in military uniforms will hold their salute until the anthem is over.



Congratulations to Janet who won an American Flag at the Arizona Family Home Educators Expo! Check our website for future drawings and events.

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