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Founding Fathers - Uncommon Heroes


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Founding Fathers: Uncommon Heroes” brings history to life,
builds appreciation for men who shaped United States

MESA, Ariz. (March 6, 2003) – Although the average American imagines stuffy old men in powdered wigs when hearing the term, “Founding Father,” a new book reveals interesting tidbits about their lives, bringing history to life and increasing appreciation for the men who shaped our nation.

“Founding Fathers: Uncommon Heroes” by native Arizonan Steven W. Allen delves beyond the dates and facts memorized in history classes but long since forgotten to examine the lives of six Founding Fathers – Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, John Adams, Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison.

“Many people view our Founding Fathers as mythical beings with whom we have little in common, but nothing could be further from the truth,” says Allen. “The men who helped shape our country were very much like us, with faults, quirks and dreams similar to ours.”

A collection of easy-to-read anecdotes about the Founding Fathers, “Founding Fathers: Uncommon Heroes” examines who these men were and why they were so special – and at the same time debunks some of the widespread myths and misconceptions that have circulated about them for many years.

Allen, an attorney, has presented lectures about the Founding Fathers at Brigham Young University’s Education Week for the past 10 years. He gathered the information from many sources, including a variety of biographers and historians, as well the Founding Fathers’ own writings.

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